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Integrated Communication

You’ve come this far, let’s take you farther

Our task to reposition this brand led us to creating a campaign for specifically high earners edging towards high networth individual, who are mostly yet to be properly identified in Nigeria. We called them HENRY. We worked with key influencers, from Mai Atafo to Nike Okundaiye as part of our effort to reach these people.


Fear Us

The second and third quarter of 2019 were PR nightmare for Nigeria’s global image. Around the time other nationals were being advised to be wary of Nigerians, the citizens were making remarkable achievements worldwide. We decided to turn the popular infamy by giving them positive reasons to truly be wary of Nigerians.

Integrated Communication

ó tó gẹ

Tapping into the electorates’ desire for a change of Guard. We created a movement that analysts have likened to the Arab Spring, inspiring a mass movement through our slogan ó tó gẹ́ (ENOUGH IS ENOUGH), all while leveraging on Radio, Grassroot Mobilization and Canvassers to reach the majority of the population.


Love Beyond February

Love lulls after the month of love (February) because lovers tend to go back to the distractions that keep them away from their partners. In this campaign Filii, a brand that creates fun for families, seek to raise awareness on the need to love (go back to the job of loving) even after February.